In the spring of 2000, Powersource entered into a joint venture to develop a pilot program to deliver the content and graduate student administration for a college of education at one of the state's major universities. Powersource designed and developed the curriculum management tool, the evaluation wizard, the automated gradebook system, the course message board, the student portfolio manager, the multi-level calendar system, and group based security system for access by course writers, professors, administrators and students. In 2001, the program was recognized as an innovative training program by the Texas Education Agency with a multi-million dollar grant.

The project is powered by the Jupiter Educational Suite and is fully automated to recognize students by their current course registration. Once a student logs into the system, the Jupiter Educational Suite searches the students' current school records and creates a customized webtop with links to that student's course material, supporting message boards, the student's grades and other supporting resources.

At log-in the Jupiter Educational Suite recognizes the security level of a professor and builds a slightly different webtop. This webtop has curriculum management tools, student attendance records, access to the student gradebook for the professor's current class roster, and links to other administrative tasks

The professor can manage the creation of evaluations on-the-fly, and once completed the evaluation is immediately available for students. The integrated evaluation wizard component and the gradebook facility makes the implementation of test taking, test grading and grade management fully seamless to the viewer and totally automated on the back end.

The Jupiter Educational Suite (v2.0) components are flexible enough to customize any system of educational delivery. The Jupiter Educational Suite (v3.0) is based on the .net architecture and is due for release in September 2002. The current version is available for license or license/hosting.

Jupiter Modules