A Microsoft SQL Server/Allaire ColdFusion based discussion board with extensive features including:
  • Post Message: Brings up the page where you compose your message
  • Rules: List of rules regarding board etiquette
  • Display: Sets how many posts are displayed on the page. This information is stored in a cookie
  • Jump: Jumps to that post number. If the user wants to look for an older post, or already knows the number of a post, this is faster than traversing the board
  • Traverse: Moves up (/\) or down (\/) the board depending on the display count
  • Top: Starts with most recent entry
  • Name/Email: These fields are optional. The values will be stored in a cookie, but can be changed or deleted
  • Resize: Dimensions (width x height) of the message textbox. These values can be set to the users preferences and are stored in a cookie
  • HTML Reference: Only certain HTML tags are allowed on the message board. Easily editable by administrator
  • Preview: Sends message to preview page, where the user can double check content and spelling. At any time the user can abort a message - until it is posted on the board
Converse Pro allows for easy administration and set-up of database tables, datasource names and display templates. One application will support multiple boards using the same database. The administration area contains an easy, effective and unique way of banning unwanted posters.

Converse Pro